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N.A.P.T. - National Activity Professional Training Courses

Starts the 1st Tuesday of every Month

NAPT - National Activity Director Training Courses

for NAAPCC Board Certification
Online Course - ON SALE $500
- Enroll NOW!

All Course Info Included - NO TEXTBOOKS REQUIRED

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Starts 1st Tuesday every Month - How Do I Enroll ?

The NAPT National Activity Professionals Training is taught by Celeste Chase, AC-BC, ACC, CDP, DMDCP - Celeste is NCCAP & NAAPCC Certified Educator and she was also Kathy Hughes Assistant for 8yrs, Our late Instructor.

NAAPCC Est. 2011 is the only Activity Credentialing Council that follows the ICE NCCA Standards for Accreditation They are NON-Profit.

NOTE: SCAPA and Georgia Society will only advocate for NAAPCC National Board Certification.

California and several States have NAAPCC Certified Instructors teaching Advanced Activity Programs for NAAPCC National Certification,

Its your Choice! Your Affordable Choice .

While you are enrolled and working towards your or any Accredited Certification Requirements you meet the F680 regulations set forth by the to insure each Activity Professional can complete their accrediting bodies standards.

Here is the Federal Regulation For Activity Professionals from

Most States do not have a State License or AD Register, these States are governed by F680 (most States)

Section (ii) A . The Activities Program must be directed by a Activity Professional who is Eligible for Certification as a therapeutic recreation specialist or as an activities professional by a recognized accrediting body on or after Oct 1 1990.