How the CE Workshop / Classes Work

The class is run online, Once you have created a free student ID you can login and pay for the class online with a credit card and begin immediately.

If you are sending a Check, make it out to Activity Directors Network, llc . 2010 Hwy 190w #120 . Livingston, Texas 77351 ..

Once we receive the check we will enroll your Student ID into the class and email you with notification.

The class is available to you 24/7 for 180 days(if your run past that, call for reset).. you may login and work at your own pace. Once logged in the class will direct you step by step from top to bottom.. No books are needed, all reading resources are written within the class. Most classes have printed material that each student should print out, as either a guide or a follow along form. Click n Print Section

Once you have read the Getting Started Instructions, Printed the resource material, Read the class resource.. you will next have 3-6 essay questions to answer with in the assignment.. a good procedure for answering essay questions is to copy down the question and compose your answer on your own personal computer to paste into the assignment at a later visit. This will help you to avoid mistakes and time outs and loss of data.

After you enter the quiz questions and are satisfied with your answers, proceed to the Questionnaire / Survey .. complete the survey and fill in the contact form with your correct information and submit.

Last step is to retrieve your Certificate. Located on the lower section of the class page is the Certificate of Completion , once everything in the course is complete the Certificate will print and download to your computer. Make sure you read the instructions on each class, make sure you spell your Name and Capitalize it as you would want it to appear on your certificate..

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Hope this helps with your questions,
ADN Tech Support

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