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Dear Students,

There have been some major changes over the last week. We have a very exciting announcement! Your lives are about to get a whole lot better and easier! We are in the process of updating our curriculum to meet the forward thinking standards set forth by the CMS Approved National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center (NAAPCC). This brings innovative competencies designed to transform the entire industry and meets the ever changing pace of the Activity Profession. Times are changing and we are thrilled to be changing with them! NAAPCC is CMS Approved and has streamlined the certification process for activity professionals. Students are able to obtain Activity Professional Board Certification (AP-BC), in less time without the prohibitive in-person Practicum requirements and extensive work experience. This path accommodates your needs during this pandemic and technologically advanced era, allowing you to move through the process safely and without delay. Your actual experience hours will go towards your certification (a minimum of 2,000 hours are required). This will allow you to obtain higher credentialing for your career and opens up the path to becoming a Consultant or Educator in the future. For this reason and many more, NAAPCC has established itself as the preferred choice for credentialing and is in line with the future of the Activity Profession.

What Does This Mean?
On July 7th, you will be enrolled in the most up to date activity training course available, the NAAPCC Approved National Activity Professional Training Course (NAPT). This course is created to prepare you for the NAAPCC Board Certification Exam. This means that you will be Activity Professional Board Certified (AP-BC) in the end. It makes Certification within reach for all.

What Do You Need to Do?
You will no longer be participating in your current course. All students are on break until July 7th. At that time your new course, the National Activity Professional Training Course (NAPT), will become available in your My Courses box. You will follow along with this course and upon completion you will fill out the certification application (AP-BC Path 2) and provide proof of your 2,000 hours of activity experience, completion of the NAPT course/12 Live Webinar CEs (provided as a part of your new curriculum) and take the NAAPCC Board Certification Exam online to obtain certification.

This is going to be a class with a high enrollment, so we will be enrolling you sooner than the start date so that you all can participate in a Q & A Chat with your instructor, Celeste, and members of the Activity Directors Network Team. We will also have some info to get you prepared and excited for your new, up to date course. The material is more concise and keys in on the tasks of the modern Activity Professional. New, forward thinking topics will be discussed and student participation for the purpose of moving the industry forward will be encouraged. This is going to be a fun and innovative class that aims to bring us all together with a shared mission of changing things for the better!

How Can We Help?
We are here to guide you through this process and help in any way you need. Please feel free to call us at 1-888-238-0444 or email us directly at We will continue to update you of changes through our weekly mailers, The Activity Corner and The Consultant's Help Desk, and on our website.

We believe the industry is moving in this direction and it is what is best for our students. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause any of you. With the loss of our instructor we had the choice to continue the path we were on or to evolve. We believe in the future of the Activity Profession as it takes it’s rightful place within the industry. We are excited and proud to be a part of your career and vision for the future. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your passion and support through these changes.

Check out The National Association for Activity Professionals Credentialing Center at

Note: AP-BC Path 2 (Activity Professional Board Certified)

NAAPCC National Board Certification
"Your affordable choice for Activity Certification"


CMS approved Federal Regulation Ftag#658

Call NAAPCC for details, (303) 317-5682

Introducing your incredible new instructor...

Celeste Chase, AC-BC, ACC, CDP, CMDCP!

Celeste is one of the fastest growing experts in the field! She has over 15yrs experience in the Industry and served as Consultant and Guest Instructor with Activity Directors Network since 2011. She is a NAAPCC and NCCAP Certified Consultant and Educator and the go-to expert responsible for the weekly column, The Activity Consultant’s Help Desk. This Activity Directors Network newsletter reaches a readership with interest in further developing their professional knowledge base as senior care industry professionals. She has also written several top selling Continuing Education (CEU) courses and has authored the “Behavioral Health Programming Guide for Skilled Nursing Facilities”. Celeste’s vision for the future of the Activity Profession is fresh, innovative, creative and heart driven. One conversation with her leaves you empowered, inspired and ready to transform the industry. She is the ultimate Game Changer and we are thrilled and lucky to have her! Celeste will guide you through this exciting journey as a partner, ensuring you are well educated, well supported and empowered to take on the world.

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Please contact the office with any questions/concerns you may have. 1-888-238-0444

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