MEPAP I Courses - (Required for Certification)

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Registration Process:

  • Students must sign up for a FREE student ID on in order to be enrolled on the start date of the course.
  • Fill out an Enrollment Form & Course Policies Page, then fax to 1-866-405-5724.
  • Make a Payment before the start date of the course by going to the classroom homepage and clicking on the "Make a Payment" Button in the middle of the page.

Course Requirements:

  • Student must have access to a computer with internet access and a valid e-mail address.
  • Student must have basic knowledge of computers, e-mail, and attaching files.
  • Student must have a word processor (such as Word or Notepad) and basic knowledge of saving files.

Practicum Requirements:

  • Student will complete practicum manual/forms, find a practicum supervisor and facility, and finish training during the course.
  • Student will be required to reach all goals for the practicum given in the practicum goals.

Mission: The MEPAP 2nd Edition (Part I) course provides the activity professional with a strong base of knowledge, as well as the necessary skills and techniques to provide therapeutic activity services to clients and residents in a long term care setting.

Curriculum - This course is 16 weeks long and covers the following:

  • Week One – Introduction and the history of nursing homes. The educational movement in the activities profession
  • Week Two – The continuum of care and the NCCAP certification process
  • Week Three – Federal Regulations FTag248 and FTag249
  • Week Four – Activity Planning
  • Week Five – Activities Assessments and MDS3.0
  • Week Six – Activity Planning and Communication
  • Week Seven – Activity Care Planning and Men’s Activities
  • Week Eight – Activity Progress Notes, Incidental Notes and Attendance Logs
  • Mid Term Exam
  • Week Nine – The Aging Process and Disease Process
  • Week Ten - Palliative Care and Spiritual Needs
  • Week Eleven – Memory Care Activities and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Week Twelve – Communication with the elderly and Long Term Activity Planning
  • Week Thirteen – Advocacy, Resident Councils, Family Councils and 1-1 Activity Planning
  • Week Fourteen – Quality of Life and Resources
  • Week Fifteen – Inter and Intra Departmental Relationships
  • Week Sixteen - NCCAP certification review and Final Exam