Love Centered CE Workshops

As Activity Directors you know it’s the heart that counts. You know that it is your passion, your LOVE that truly makes a difference. You LOVE like crazy with your hearts on your sleeve and you are proud to be there for your residents. You have been granted the gift of caring for the elders in our society. They have lived long, courageous and meaningful lives. You are the keepers of the wise. Their wisdom showers down on you and gives you the strength to give everything you’ve got. In honor of your love and dedication, Activity Directors Network wishes to present our new LOVE CENTERED Series of Continuing Education Workshops!

This new series of workshops is presented by the loving Mother/Daughter Team Pennie Bacon and Sheryl Bacon-Jones. We know that you LOVE your residents with all your heart and you deserve the same love in return. These workshops are centered on all the loving ways in which we can help you serve your residents, facilities and communities.Topics will cover a variety of information, but they will all be focused on building love.

  • It is better to give then it is to receive. We have all heard this our whole lives and with age and experience we can truly understand this to be true. Especially in our field of work, after all it is this sentiment that gives our jobs so much meaning. The truth is it gives all of our lives meaning, including your residents. One of the best way to fill their hearts and feed their souls is to help them to do the same for others. Mistakenly, some of your residents my feel that they have less to give due to their age, physical limitations, place of residence, lack of transportation…whatever it is they feel holds them back from contributing to society. However, they have the one thing that is essential in giving to another: time. This workshop aims to provide you with the opportunity to create charitable activities for your residents to participate in the whole year through. Make a game of giving for them…see how many lives you all can light up together for your Great Year of Giving!

    Workshop Objectives:
    1. Help the student understand the great health benefits that can be achieved for their residents through the art of giving.
    2. Create more meaning in the lives of the residents.
    3. Create connections between the activity department and other departments, as well as the community.
    4. Offer activity ideas for ongoing, yearly charitable contributions and specific monthly activities.
    5. Have resources for developing and contributing in other areas of interest to the Activity Director and the residents.
    6. Understand how to setup your on charity for a cause that matters to you.

    Workshop Content:
    • Health Benefits of Giving
    • Ongoing Activities
    • Monthly Activities
    • Start Your Own Charity
    • Charitable Resources
    5 CE Hours Pre-Approval#NCCAP31961-17

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  • Death. It’s intense, scary and sad. There is no denying these things. However, that is only half the picture. There is another more joyful and celebratory way to handle what is, ultimately all of our fate. It can be very overwhelming and uncomfortable when one of your residents reaches the end of their lives. Knowing what to say and do can sometimes leave you feeling inadequate to help. I believe the first step in overcoming some of these issues as the Activity Director is having a level of understanding about what actually is occurring. In this workshop, we will cover the dying process from a spiritual standpoint. We will also go over different rituals of death by faith so that you may be more sensitive to each individual’s needs. Finally we will cover ways in which you can help the family and friends of your resident to cope, which in turn can help to provide more peace for the dying.

    It is my goal to help you bring a different energy forth so that you can help infuse the situation with an element of acceptance. I know you have an enormous heart, which is what lead you to this profession in the first place. I want to help you shine even more LOVE into your Love Centered Life as you help your residents and their families say goodbye.

    Workshop Objectives:
    • Develop an understanding of the resident and the dying process.
    • Understand different rituals by faith.
    • Learn ways to comfort the resident and their friends and family.
    Workshop Content:
    • Understanding Dissolution
    • Rituals by Faith
    • Helping the Family
    6 CE Hours Pre-Approval#NCCAP31775-17

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