Pass It On: Writing Continuing Education Workshops

An Activity Director is really just a teacher in disguise. You research your various topics in great detail before assimilating all of that gathered wisdom into every inch of your program and calendar. Every idea or good intention you have is carefully worked into an activity that is meant to inspire, educate and awaken your residents to their lives. In the beautiful loving experience that is the gift of doing this for a living, you have gathered techniques, insights and methods for increasing the quality of your work and the lives of others. In this workshop we will explore the steps for you to take all of that carefully earned wisdom and organize it into a workshop that other Activity Directors can participate in. Imagine the lives you could change, including yours, if you were able to pass this along. I know what it feels like to have a calling to teach but not being sure about how to go about it. For me, it was the marriage of my work with Activity Directors Network and guiding you in a number of these workshops on varied subjects that matter to me. For you, it could be your Love Centered focus at work and this workshop giving you a loving hand to hold while you take this journey from Activity Director to Teacher that makes all the difference.

As an added bonus for taking this workshop you will also be invited to participate in the Activity Directors Network Writing Mentor Program, which will allow you to correspond with me throughout the entire process of writing and completing your workshop. The process can be overwhelming and tricky from the outside looking in. I am here to help you with the inside scoop. After you get the process down you will be able to do it by yourself without a problem for all of your future workshops to follow, I know it! You will also find all of the forms needed to get your continuing education workshop approved through the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP), along with the opportunity to offer your workshop through Activity Directors Network!

  • Writing Your Workshop
  • Preparing to Submit
  • Example Forms
  • Selling Your Workshop
6 CE Hours
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Cost: $59.95