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Activity Director Course - "Make a Payment"

Make a Payment on the NAPT - Activity Director Course

NAPT - Activity Director Course - ONLY $500
Pay in Full - ON SALE!

Use this payment option if you want to pay in full for an upcoming Activity Director Course.

Course Transfer Fee: $200
Use this payment option if you are currently enrolled in a course, but may need to transfer for personal reason, grades, or lack of participation.

Balance Not Paid - Late Fee: $75
Use this payment option if you owe a late fee for a past due unpaid balance on courses.
Note: All fees must be paid by the 8th week of class to avoid any late fees.

Certificate Reprint Fee: $25
Use this payment option if you need a reprint of your Certificate of Completion due to a lost/misplaced certificate or an invalid delivery address.

Pay Any Amount: $XX.00
Need to pay a different amount than the amounts listed above?
Choose this option to be able to specify the exact amount you need to pay.

Paying by Check? Pay By Check:
Make payable to "Activity Directors Network" and mail to:

2010 U.S. Hwy 190 W. #120
Livingston, TX 77351

Note: Please include either a copy of the students enrollment form or be sure to include the student's name somewhere along with the check.

Have Questions about Your Payments?

Just give us a call at the office 1-888-238-0444 so we can help you.