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MEPAP - The Enrollment Process

Getting Enrolled - It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the following steps have been completed before the first day of class:
MEPAP Classes start the 1st Tuesday of every Month
NCCAP Approved
- Approval #NCCAP30420-18-M2-NT

Need more information?
E-Mail Us about MEPAP I

Need more information?
E-Mail Us about MEPAP II

Step 1. Fax in the Enrollment Forms

  • Enrollment Form (pg 2 of Enrollment Pack) – Fill out Completely
  • Course Policies (pg 3 of Enrollment Pack) – Read, Sign, & Date
  • Purchase Order Form (pg 4 of Enrollment Pack) – Include if...
    • ...your company is paying for the course or
    • are taking advantage of the payment plan

Once the enrollment forms are filled out completely, fax to 1-866-405-5724 and the Enrollment Coordinator will contact you (by the next business day) via e-mail to confirm your enrollment.

Step 2. Create Student ID/Login on
  • Visit and click “Create New Account” in the login box.
  • Use your legal name, exactly as you want it to appear on your “Certificate of Completion”
  • IMPORTANT - Must provide a valid e-mail address (main source of communication with the instructor.)
  • Choose a Student ID (Login) and Password that are easy to remember as you will use this to access the course from any computer with internet access.
    • Student ID should not contain spaces or special characters (Will cause problems for live chat)
    • Both Student ID and password are case sensitive

Step 3. Setup Payment for Course
  • Visit and click the “Make A Payment” button on the homepage.
  • Choose your payment option.
  • If you choose the payment plan, there will be a $75 fee and your 1st payment must be received by the start date of the course.

Step 4. First Week of Class
  • Visit and Login using your Student ID and Password from Step 2.
  • After logging in, a box titled “My Courses” will appear on the left-hand menu. (Note: The “My Courses” box will not appear until the first day of class)
  • Click on the title of the course listed in the “My courses” box to enter the course.
  • Your first week’s assignment will be to find a Practicum Advisor. This Advisor can be one of the following:
    • an Activity Director Certified (ADC)
    • an Activity Consultant Certified (ACC)
    • a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS)
    • a Department Head in your facility with at least 5 years of experience
    • or the Administrator

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