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NAPT - National Activity Professional Tranining Course - Enrollment Process

Getting Enrolled - It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the following steps have been completed before the first day of class:
NAPT - National Activity Professional Training Course is accepted by NAAPCC for National Activity Professional Board Certification
Starts the 1st Tuesday
of every Month.

Fill Out the Enrollment Forms...
Need more information? - E-Mail Us about NAPT Course

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Step 1. Complete the NAPT Enrollment Pack

  • Enrollment Form (pg 2 of Enrollment Pack) – Fill out Completely
  • Course Policies (pg 3 of Enrollment Pack) – Read, Sign, & Date
  • Purchase Order Form (pg 4 of Enrollment Pack) – Include if...
    • ...your company is paying for the course or
    • are taking advantage of the payment plan

Note: If you need to print your enrollment, please Scan and E-mail to or Fax to 1-866-405-5724 and the Enrollment Coordinator will contact you via the E-mail provided on the Enrollment Form (by the next business day) to confirm your enrollment.

Step 2. Create Student ID/Login on

  • Visit and click “Create New Account” in the login box.
  • Use your legal name, exactly as you want it to appear on your “Certificate of Completion”
  • IMPORTANT - Must provide a valid e-mail address (main source of communication with the instructor.)
  • Choose a Student ID (Login) and Password that are easy to remember as you will use this to access the course from any computer with internet access.
    • Student ID should not contain spaces or special characters (Will cause problems for live chat)
    • Both Student ID and password are case sensitive

Step 3. Setup Payment for Course

  • Visit and click the “Make Payment” button on the homepage.
  • Choose your payment option. **EZ Pay Available! $250 down, $250 60days or Email for other options.
  • If you choose the EZ Pay plan, there will be a $75 fee and your 1st payment must be received by the start date of the course.

YOUR READY TO BEGIN - First Week of Class
  • Visit and Login using your Student ID and Password from Step 2.
  • After logging in, a box titled “My Courses” will appear on the left-hand menu. (Note: The “My Courses” box will not appear until the first day of class)
  • Click on the title of the course listed in the “My courses” box to enter the course.

The NAPT Course prepares each student for
NAAPCC National Activity Professional Board Certification
The NAAPCC AP-BC & AC-BC are certifications recognized under CMS F Tag 680.
Send in an NAPT Course Enrollment Pack to get started!

E-Mail: - Phone: 303-317-5682
Let their counselors reassure you you're on the right Path to National Board Certification
"Your Experience Counts!"

See if you qualify! Check NAAPCC Standards

The NAPT National Activity Professionals Training is taught by Celeste Chase, AC-BC, ACC, CDP, CMDCP

Celeste is NCCAP & NAAPCC Certified Educator and she was also Kathy Hughes Assistant for 8yrs, Our late Instructor.

NAAPCC Est. 2011 is the only Activity Credentialing Council that follows the ICE NCCA Standards for Accreditation They are also NON-Profit.

NOTE: South Carolina Activity Professional Association SCAPA and Georgia Society will only advocate for NAAPCC National Board Certification.

California and several States have NAAPCC Certified Instructors teaching Advanced Activity Programs for NAAPCC National Certification,

Its your Choice! ...Your Affordable Choice !

While you are enrolled and working towards your, or any Accredited Certification Requirements you meet the F680 regulations set forth by the to insure each Activity Professional can complete their accrediting bodies standards.

Here is the Federal Regulation For Activity Professionals from

Most States do not have a State License or AD Register, these States are governed by F680 (most States)

483.24(c)(2) Section (ii) A . The Activities Program must be directed by a Activity Professional who is Eligible for Certification as a therapeutic recreation specialist or as an activities professional by a recognized accrediting body on or after Oct 1 1990.


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