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MEPAP Part I - Online Activity Director Courses - (Required for Certification)

MEPAP Part I - Online Activity Director Course
Starts the 1st Tuesday of Every Month -
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NCCAP Approved: #NCCAP20-18-M2-NT
$600 - 16 Week Course - All Materials Provided within the Course - NO TEXTBOOKS REQUIRED!

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Mission: The MEPAP (2nd Edition) Part I course provides the activity professional with a strong base of knowledge, as well as the necessary skills and techniques to provide therapeutic activity services to clients and residents in a long term care setting. The MEPAP is the most widely accepted Training Course for Activity Directors in Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care and Hospital Swingbed Rehab and is required for NCCAP Certification.

Curriculum - This course is 16 weeks long and covers the following:

  • Week One – Introduction and the history of nursing homes. The educational movement in the activities profession
  • Week Two – The continuum of care and the NCCAP certification process
  • Week Three – Federal Regulations FTag679 and FTag680
  • Week Four – Activity Planning
  • Week Five – Activities Assessments and MDS3.0
  • Week Six – Activity Planning and Communication
  • Week Seven – Activity Care Planning and Men’s Activities
  • Week Eight – Activity Progress Notes, Incidental Notes and Attendance Logs
  • Mid Term Exam
  • Week Nine – The Aging Process and Disease Process
  • Week Ten - Palliative Care and Spiritual Needs
  • Week Eleven – Memory Care Activities and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Week Twelve – Communication with the elderly and Long Term Activity Planning
  • Week Thirteen – Advocacy, Resident Councils, Family Councils and 1-1 Activity Planning
  • Week Fourteen – Quality of Life and Resources
  • Week Fifteen – Inter and Intra Departmental Relationships
  • Week Sixteen - Practicum Notary Verification and Final Exam

Course Requirements:

  • Student must have access to a computer with internet access and a valid e-mail address.
  • Student must have basic knowledge of computers, e-mail, and attaching files.
  • Student must have a word processor (such as Word or Notepad) and basic knowledge of saving files.

Practicum Requirements:

  • Student will complete practicum manual/forms, find a practicum supervisor and facility, and finish training during the course.
  • Student will be required to reach all goals for the practicum given in the practicum goals.
  • Student will need access to either a scanner OR a fax machine to turn in the practicum forms.

Registration Process: