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MEPAP Part II: "Work At Your Own Pace" - Online Activity Director Courses - (Required for Certification)

MEPAP Part II: "Work At Your Own Pace" - Online Activity Director Courses Start ANYTIME! - (Must Be Paid in Full to Start)
NCCAP Approved: #NCCAP30420-18-M2-NT
$600 - 16 Week Course - All Materials Provided within the Course - NO TEXTBOOKS REQUIRED!

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  • This course is best suited to those students that are well organized and able to meet self set goals in a timely manner.
  • All study material is provided in an online format with no scheduled due dates or time frames for assignment completion.
  • Student will be allowed up to 1 year or as little as 3 months to complete the course. If needed, at the end of 1 year, student can pay for an extension.(6 month Extension for $200)
  • Note: The "Own Pace" course is designed to be self-guided. Instructor, Consultant, and fellow student guidance is always available, but the Instructor and Consultants don't lead the class as they do in the Scheduled 16 Week MEPAP course. If more structure and guidance is needed for success, the Scheduled 16 week MEPAP course is recommended.

Mission: The MEPAP (2nd Edition) Part II "At Your Own Pace" course provides the activity professional with a strong base of knowledge, as well as the necessary skills and techniques to provide therapeutic activity services to clients and residents in a long term care setting.

Curriculum - This course covers the following:

  • Week One – Survey Process and the role of Activities
  • Week Two – The role of the Manager
  • Week Three – Communication, Listening Skills and Collaboration
  • Week Four – Job Descriptions and Hiring Staff
  • Week Five – Maintaining Staff and Firing Staff
  • Week Six - The Activities Professional as the Volunteer Director
  • Week Seven –Quality Assurance for the Activities Department
  • Week Eight - Management Techniques and Marketing Techniques for the Activities Department
  • Mid Term Exam
  • Week Nine – Research Techniques and the Delivery of Activities Services
  • Week Ten - Government Agencies, Advocacy
  • Week Eleven – Adult Learning Styles and Personalities in an Activities’ Department
  • Week Twelve –Writing Policies and Procedures
  • Week Thirteen – Directing Aspects of a Manager in an Activities Department
  • Week Fourteen – Organizing Function of a Manager in an Activities Department
  • Week Fifteen – The Controlling Function of a Manager in an Activities Department
  • Week Sixteen – NCCAP certification review and Final Exam

Registration Process:

Course Requirements:

  • Student must have access to a computer with internet access and a valid e-mail address.
  • Student must have basic knowledge of computers, e-mail, and attaching files.
  • Student must have a word processor (such as Word or Notepad) and basic knowledge of saving files.

Practicum Requirements:

  • Student will complete practicum manual/forms, find a practicum supervisor and facility, and finish training during the course.
  • Student will be required to reach all goals for the practicum given in the practicum goals.
  • Student will need access to either a scanner OR a fax machine to turn in the practicum forms.