NAPT Course

NAPT - National Activity Professional Training Course

APNCC Certified Educator: Celeste Chase AC-BC, ACC, CDP, CMDCP

NAPT Course Overview

NAPT - Activity Director Training Course 8 Week / 75 Hour Overview

NAPT Mission: The NAPT Course provides the activity professional with a strong base of knowledge, as well as the necessary skills and techniques to provide therapeutic activity services to clients and residents in a long term care setting.

NAPT Course Curriculum - This course is 8 weeks long and covers the following topics:

  • Section / Week 1 – The People We Serve
  • Section / Week 2 – Disease and Longevity
  • Section / Week 3 – End of Life Care
  • Section / Week 4 – Senior Living
  • Section / Week 5 – Facility Programming
  • Section / Week 6 – Regulations
  • Section / Week 7 – Documentation
  • Section / Week 8 – Fundamentals
  • NAPT Course Final Exam & Certificate of Completion

NAPT - "OwnPace" Course:

  • Starts anytime
  • 8 Sections + Final Exam
  • Work at your "Own Pace"
  • Take up to 6 months to complete

NAPT - "8 Week" Course:

  • Starts 1st Tuesday of every month
  • 8 Weeks + Final Exam
  • Assignment due Mondays at midnight.
  • Follow along with other students and Instructor
APNCC Path 2 to Activity Director Certification
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The NAPT Course is accepted by and prepares each student for
APNCC National Activity Professional Board Certification.
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Step 2 - Make a Payment

Step 2 - Make a Payment

Make a Payment for the NAPT Course 

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Step 3 - Setup Login

Step 3 - Setup Login/Student Account

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