The Quarantine Activity Guide by ElderSong

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The COVID-19 coronavirus, which is sweeping across our nation, has certainly caused many of our usual activities and routines to cease. Our government is asking Americans to keep their distance and stay home in order to contain this devastating virus. For many of you, this means that your facility is on lock down. Family members may not be allowed to visit their loved ones. Your usual group activities may have had to halt for a time. Your members may be feeling anxious, worried, and unsure. In this time of uncertainty, we want to support you, the activity people. That's why we created this special edition activity guide to help support you and your group as our nation and world faces this pandemic. Below you'll find a list of one-on-one activities, as well as a few other non-traditional group activities to help you raise morale. Please adapt as needed. Let the other departments in your facility know your activity plans, and then follow your company's policies and procedures during this emergency.

DAILY BOOST – There are so many good stories happening as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Look for a positive story to share with members as you visit room to room. Share a video you find on social media, an inspiring quote, or a heart-warming story. Speaking of boosts, be sure to share (with permission) positive stories that are happening in your community. With many people turning to social media, it's a great time to flood newsfeeds with positive stories and reassure family members that their loved ones are doing well.

GO LIVE – Many institutes, celebrities, and programs are taking their talents live on social media in order to boost morale all over the world. Join the going-live movement and interview members of your community. The senior

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